Bradley Asphalt Services has been servicing their clients asphalt maintenance needs, and saving them time and money, since the 1980’s.


Maintaining one of your most valuable assets to your home or commercial asphalt parking is the best way to stretch the life of your asphalt paving for many years.  A well maintained crack free, shiny surface with crisp lines will boost the value of your property and enhance the curb and customer appeal.  Then there’s the issue of safety for cars and pedestrians which can be a real problem if potholes are not properly filled and smoothed over.


We have many options to maintain your asphalt surfaces and will offer to come out and give you a free estimate for these repairs.   However, our recommended repairs are crack sealing, pothole filling and sealcoating before you have to redo overlays and install new paving all together.


The first step to proper, long lasting maintenance, is the preparation of your asphalt surface.


    Our technicians will clean the surface of debris, vegetation such as tree roots and leaves, stains, loose gravel and chemical spills.
    There are many types of cracks and we will identify the crack damage and whether it has compromised the sub base or foundation of your asphalt.   The severity of the crack damage will determine the method of repair to ensure a long lasting crack seal.
    Filling potholes is a very skilled repair to make sure that the damage won’t erode further once the weather conditions change.  The expansion and contraction of ice can cause potholes to erode over time.
    The final seal over these repairs will give your asphalt surface the stability and strength it needs to cope with the weight of vehicles and the winter weather changes.  Sealcoating your asphalt will give it that new, black, shiny, smooth surface that makes it look as good as new.


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