Colorado is the ideal state to take sealcoating asphalt seriously as winter starts to approach.   Sealcoating your asphalt paving is one of the most cost effective ways to look after this asset and make sure to keep it damage free throughout the snowy freezing and thawing cycles here in Denver and the surrounding foothills and Colorado Springs.


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03 Sept, 2021

Seal coating asphalt surfaces, commercial and industrial parking lots,  is the process of professionally applying a liquid product over an existing asphalt pavement in a manner that seals the surface and fills small potholes, voids and cracks, preventing them from getting bigger and more damaged.  Left unsealed, snow, wind, and water will gradually cause asphalt to harden and oxidize, and as it becomes more brittle, cracking will occur. Over the space of a few years, asphalt paving can be seriously damaged if it is not periodically sealed.  Chemicals like deicers, salt, petroleum and various other oils can add to the damage of your asphalt paving, seeping into the tiny cracks and finally into the sub base foundations of the asphalt paving.   Heat and wind are also known to damage asphalt in warmer climates.

You will start to see asphalt contractors out and about in September, as business owners and homeowners get crews in to sealcoat their asphalt paving, ready for the winter weather.


Knowing how expensive it is to replace an asphalt road or parking, business owners are well advised to look after and maintain their asphalt surfaces by sealcoating their pavements.

A few Benefits of Sealcoating:

●      Improved Appearance

  • Extends the life of the driveway
  • Reduces costs and increases value
  • Slows oxidation
  • Resists water and fuel penetration
  • Provides a smooth, crack free surface
  • Keeps your new pavement clean by filling in the voids in the asphalt

How Often to Seal-Coat

We, @BradleyAsphalt, normally recommend that the seal coating process is first applied one year after the initial pavement has been placed to allow proper curing, settlement and wear of the surface. After this, it’s recommended that you have driveways and parking lots sealcoated every two to three years for normal use, or every year if the asphalt surface experiences heavy traffic.

Sealcoating is a cost effective, preventative maintenance that increases the durability and aesthetic appearance of your asphalt driveway by sealing your blacktop with a high quality, long lasting asphalt sealer, for a fraction of the cost of new Asphalt paving.

Be sure to call us and reserve your appointment to seal your Asphalt Paving before the weather turns too cold for us to work.

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