June 2022

Asphalt overlays are a great interim repair and maintenance  of your asphalt driveway.  If you have small cracks, oil spills and need a facelift for your asphalt surface, this type of repair is ideal.    An asphalt overlay is, essentially, a repair job done on a stretch of asphalt. This is the usual method when asphalt is showing some cracking or potholing, while still not severely damaged yet to need replacement.


Asphalt overlaying is also a cost effective repair, avoiding totally replacing your walkway, parking lot or road surface.


We will make an appointment to give you a free estimate to see if the area is suitable for an overlay or not.   There are many factors that come into play – the size of the area, the pitch, the elevation, the cracking and pothole damage.   Keep in mind that an overlay or resurfacing will not have the same lifespan as a removal and replacement but is a good solution for certain surfaces.   Cracks will eventually reappear but if the area has good drainage and solid foundations you probably could get up to 10 years life out of your overlay.   This is totally dependent on the existing condition of the surface to be worked on.


Is an asphalt overlay a good solution for your asphalt parking lot, commercial property or driveway? Call us today and we will be able to help you decide on a good, cost effective, repair for your asphalt or concrete surface.


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