The invention of sealcoating an asphalt driveway is by far one of the most affordable, convenient ways to repair and protect your asphalt paving.   Driveway sealcoating gives you an opportunity to protect your asphalt paving as well as extend it’s life for many years to come.

Asphalt driveways can give you many years of wonderful service so looking after them on a yearly basis is important and can save you costly repairs.   Heavy vehicles, snowplows, salt, chemicals, sunlight and water can all take its toll on your driveway.  When sealcoating is applied to your asphalt, it will help to repel water from seeping into the subgrade.


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When it comes to protecting your asphalt pavements against deterioration in Denver ,there is no greater value than a correctly applied mixed coal tar emulsion.   Firstly, call us @BradleyAsphalt and we will come out and give you free, expert advice regarding the repairs that will be needed to extend the life of your paving.  There may be potholes or cracks to fill and patching to be done before we can tackle the sealcoating.

Of course, there may be a chance that the damage has been left to deteriorate for far too long and sealcoating may not be the answer.   This is called alligatoring, when the cracks get too large to be filled.   Either way, a call to us will be very beneficial.   But if the driveway is discolored, fading and has minor cracks in areas you may be a candidate for sealcoating.

If a driveway has been sealed multiple times over the years, it could possible that the sealing agent is no longer effective. In this case, it may be time to repave your driveway.

Please call us out for a free estimate and we will be able to advise you on your new driveway or repairs and resurfacing.


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