So many malls and shopping centers in Denver and the surrounding areas are struggling to keep their tenants who have been hurt by the recent Covid Virus outbreak.  One of the most important issues that can be dealt with now in the down time when the weather is good is to repair the parking facility and roads surrounding the shopping area.   Keeping the marketplace image positive and exciting will pay off in the long run when shops and restaurants start to come back, and they will.  There is nothing more negative than driving into a shopping mall and the roads and parking area are in a bad condition.  Retailers usually compete on many levels such as price and leases but quality of the facility is paramount.

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@Bradley Asphalt we have, for many years, offered an efficient process to help retail facility professionals manage and prioritize maintenance on parking lots – one of the most essential elements of a store or shopping center. Our parking lot repair solutions deliver cost-effective results that can improve longevity and maintenance of parking lots.   These improvements will undoubtedly make a great impression on customers and employees, offering safety, and saving valuable time for the ever-busy facility manager.


We at Bradley Asphalt, have always offered expert advice to property owners and managers when it comes to the planning, scheduling and budgeting for their asphalt maintenance and repairs.  Asphalt maintenance can be a very cost effective way of keeping your property looking good and functioning safely without the huge outlay of lifting and replacing the asphalt.   We will help retail managers identify defects and prioritize repairs over a period of time which in turn helps budgeting in advance for services.   Work can also be scheduled and completed in stages avoiding shutdowns and inconveniences and safety hazards.  By taking proactive action to maintain parking lots, facility managers reduce time spent reacting to accidents or liabilities after the damage has occurred. Overall, our proactive maintenance package will be of huge benefit to larger shopping centers.

Call Duane at Bradley Asphalt and he will meet with you, free of charge, to give you expert advice on future repairs and timelines for the work taking all the pain off your shoulders.

Now is a great time to call us at Bradley Asphalt and let us come out and have a chat about maintenance and future repairs of the parking area before the cold weather sets in.


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