We, @BradleyAsphalt, use a variety of techniques to prevent asphalt paving from deteriorating and to repair roads when they do fail.   Potholes can cause major damage to vehicles and to the actual asphalt paving, weakening the sub base and foundations.

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Regular maintenance to your asphalt paving is important to avoid major costs in redoing your surface.   Asphalt is a very cost effective way to pave your driveway or walkways, so it makes good sense to keep up with regular maintenance.   If you take care of the odd indentations that form, you will prevent potholes from appearing and turning into a real headache later down the line.

Some of our solutions to pothole repairs are:

Cut and Trim –

For a more stable repair to larger potholes, Bradley Asphalt recommends using a cut and trim method. It involves making clean-cuts around the broken, indented areas.   This will allow the new hot asphalt to adhere to something solid. After pouring the hot mix material, we will pack down the asphalt with our vibrating plate and roller.   We make sure that the whole area is dry and cleaned of any loose stones or broken asphalt before pouring the new asphalt repair.

Crack Repair and Sealing –

Bradley Asphalt recommends that you regularly protect your asphalt surface by applying slurry or crack sealing.   This process will fill in any small hairline cracks that are starting to become a problem and protect your surface from any surface water from draining through to the foundation of the asphalt paving.   This process won’t add structural strength to your driveway but will protect it from moisture.



An Overlay is a more secure treatment of the whole top surface of your asphalt paving.   Bradley Asphalt will decide whether to apply an overlay directly onto your existing surface but if the damage is too extensive, we will ground and mill the top layer and remove it completely, then apply the fresh asphalt surface.   This process will take care of larger cracks and potholes that have been appearing for a long while.



Pothole patching is a quick, necessary fix for a pothole that is causing trouble.   Bradley Asphalt will be able to do these quick fixes, especially is the weather is not ideal for a more intensive fix.   Keep in mind that this is a more temporary fix, allowing you to get through the season until you can redo the surface or repair the damage correctly.   Patching typically doesn’t include addressing underlying or surrounding problems.   Patches tend to break loose and have a limited life span and must be redone.


Contact us and we’ll be happy to give you our expert advice on repairing or replacing your asphalt driveway.

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