Striping / Marking

Striping or Marking is the “finishing touch” on a freshly paved or sealed parking lot. Since Marking is the most noticeable part of the parking lot, it is imperative that the job is neat, as well as efficiently laid out. The term “finished” must be placed in context. Marking should never be considered the end of maintenance. All surfaces, especially those made of asphalt, need to be maintained continually. Rather, striping indicates that all surface repairs are complete and the pavement is ready for efficient use by both the public and property owner. We can line stripe and mark your parking lot with bright, durable, state-approved traffic paint.

Some of our striping services include: new layouts, repainting existing parking lots, blocking out unwanted lines or markings, special lettering and markings. With Bradley, you can be assured conformance to ADA requirements.

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