There are many asphalt companies who will offer you a quick fix, less expensive asphalt paving option but be aware, you will be lucky if the work lasts out the year.   There are particular key elements with asphalt that, when done correctly, will offer you up to 10-15 years of good service.


24 June, 2021


These are the key construction solutions to be aware of:


  • A solid, compacted foundation
  • Proper drainage for foundations
  • Good, appropriate materials
  • Solid Construction
  • Weather temperatures
  • Timely maintenance

In other words, good materials, good practices, good workmanship and good site preparation make for a solid, no nonsense asphalt driveway.


  1. THE FOUNDATION – Preparing an adequate foundation includes having a solid subgrade and building a strong aggregate base.  Subgrade must be properly stabilized, removing wet, soggy clay and putting down a good quality stone base.  Soft top soil can cause real problems down the line especially around new construction houses and sub-divisions where trucks have been using the new asphalt.   This soft backfill around the garages and side of the new homes must be removed and replaced with a rock base before placing the hot mix asphalt.   The size of the rock fill also makes a difference, preferably using 2 inch rock which will sink into the compacted earth and stabilize it, is the best solution.
  2. PROPER DRAINAGE – Drainage, drainage, drainage is one of the most important elements to a long lasting asphalt surface.   Problems will appear, and only get worse over time if water sits on the surface and eventually seeps into the subgrade.   You need to build the surface at a slight slope so that water can run off into the drains, especially here in Colorado, where we have winter snow and moisture accumulation, causing freeze and thaw problems.  Both good surface drainage and good subgrade drainage is something @BradleyAsphalt concentrates on.   The rock has to be laid right so it will allow the water to leach out. Don’t let the water gather in low places and bust-up the pavement. Big rocks will let the water drain out, acting like French drains do.
  3. GOOD MATERIALS – You can’t skimp on the quality of the materials.   Driveways are susceptible to brittleness caused by heat and oxidation and weathering.  In general, driveway mixes should be designed with more asphalt binder and less air voids than highway mixes.  Bradley Asphalt prefers a mix composed of good angular aggregate with stone-on-stone contact, sometimes also known as aggregate interlock.
  4. GOOD CONSTRUCTION PRACTICES – There is no doubt that good workmanship is one of the most important elements to a well constructed paved area.   Workmen must make sure that the compaction of the edges and joints, as well as the center surface areas are tamped down tightly and are solid.   This attention to detail will add to the many years of good use you will get out of your asphalt surface.  It’s also vital to make sure that the mix doesn’t segregate which will eventually lead to potholes and pavement failures.
  5. MAINTENANCE – Finally, it is most important that you regularly maintain your most important asset to your home.   Calling Bradley Asphalt in Spring to take a look at any new cracks or small indentations, will reward you in the long run.   We have so many solutions to repair and maintain your surface, including sealcoating, overlays, pothole repairs, raveling repairs, crack repairs etc.



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