October 2022

October is the month when it’s a last call to get those pothole and crack repairs fixed before the snow starts to fall and temperatures plummet.   Small spots of damage to your asphalt paving can quickly and cost effectively be repaired without the damage spreading and being worsened by the freezing and thawing of snow and rain moisture.   If this water gets into the sub base, the damage can be irreparable and very expensive.


Here are a few points to convince you to take action with your asphalt repairs now:

  • Asphalt repairs such as cracks and potholes can go more smoothly when the weather is not too cold. Asphalt repairs become far more challenging when you are dealing with prolonged periods of snow on the ground.
  • Asphalt repairs are more successful and less challenging when you have a dry surface. Most asphalt mixtures require a dry area for the asphalt to cure correctly.   If moisture like rain or snow has collected in the crack, it will stay moist and prevent good sealing and curing of the repair.
  • If potholes and cracks are left to deteriorate, snow plowing equipment can get damaged when you are removing snow.
  • The colder the outdoor temperature the less permanent the repair will be. Usually, a cold mix asphalt is used for a temporary fix if the weather has gotten too cold and the damage left for the winter months.


So take the time now to inspect your asphalt parking lot, commercial property or driveway for any type of damage and call us to come out and give you a free estimate of how we can help prevent further damage to your asset.


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