May 2022

If you are considering repairs to your asphalt driveway, walkway or road surface, then it may benefit you to call us for an appointment to get a free estimate for an overlay or resurfacing  which will stretch the life of your project.


Bradley Asphalt will come out and give you a free estimate on the most cost effective repairs for your particular asphalt problem.   We have been resurfacing our clients driveways for many years, giving them much longer life out of their asphalt surfaces.   We will also make sure that areas that are tricky, like drains or joins to other surfaces like walkways are correctly rotored and smoothed to allow a solid join.   This will allow for safe pedestrian traffic as well as good drainage for rain and snow seasons.   Once all the asphalt has been smoothed we will stripe the area according to the specifications.


If, of course, we see that there are cracks, indentations and poorly drained, sunken areas, we will recommend the right fix for you.   If the damage is minor and we have caught it in time, we may be able to repair the sunken areas and cracks before we overlay.   Some damage, however, if too severe will call for rotoring and more extensive repairs on that particular area or replacing the driveway altogether.


Small potholes, cracks and alligator cracking can all be repaired if regularly maintained and then sealcoated.   Sealcoating will lift the appearance of your asphalt and take care of minor cracks.


Potholes should be attended to immediately as they can become major problems later down the road if not correctly fixed.  Call us and let us take care of your asphalt problems today.


Landline – (303) 467-0631

Cell – (303) 947-7484