Your home and asphalt paving is one of the largest assets you will take care of and the look and curb appeal is important to the value of the house.   Constant maintenance like painting, repairing the roof and keeping the garden manicured will all help to keep the value up but the most important addition to the value of your home is the asphalt driveway maintenance.


Firstly, it’s important to make sure that all the cracks and potholes are repaired before the winter months and keeping the surface of the asphalt clean of oils and gasolines is vital.   We, @Bradley Asphalt will always come out and suggest the correct repairs and maintenance for your particular problems, no matter how small or large the repair is.   However, one of the services we offer is widening your asphalt driveway.   As your family grows and you have more cars to park and more friends visiting, your driveway will take a lot more strain.   Keeping those edges from wearing away and potholes forming is so important especially in Colorado where you have the freeze and thaw of asphalt paving, which can create problems if you don’t look after your driveway.

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At the same time, widening your driveway will add far more value to your home as it looks so much nicer to have the edges of the asphalt leading straight into the garden or lawn as opposed to having a sandy, messy border which will erode and become unsafe.   It is also a far safer option when climbing in and out of vehicles to be able to step directly onto a solid surface and not gravel.


Another great reason to widen your driveway is to add additional play space. A wider driveway can mean your children have a safe place for playing basketball and other sports. This is a much safer alternative to a street-facing basketball hoop. This also gives kids a safe space to play hopscotch, four square, or jump rope.


Now is a great time to call us at Bradley Asphalt and let us come out and have a chat about widening your driveway or parking area before the cold weather sets in.


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