Choose wisely! Working with a tried and tested Asphalt Company, who has stood the test of time, and been in the business for many years, will help you get ready for your asphalt renovations and new asphalt driveways.   You will be assured of a best price quote for the work as well as timely job completion and most importantly, top notch quality.   We, @Bradley Asphalt, will be around to make sure that your asphalt paving and driveways will stand up to our Colorado weather as well as future repairs as your surface needs them.

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January 2021

A top notch, quality company will assure that their trucks deliver hot asphalt at the exact right temperature to give you the best surface for your parking lot or driveway.   Here are some important benefits of choosing a good, reliable asphalt company using Hot Mix Asphalt:


  • Hot mix asphalt offers strong and durable driveways and parking lots
  • Asphalt will give you a smooth, comfortable surface
  • Asphalt is engineered to withstand harsh freezing and thawing temperatures
  • There is no need to salt your asphalt driveway
  • Unlike rigid concrete, asphalt is designed to give and flex making it more durable
  • Asphalt is an attractive surface, improving the value of any property
  • Repairs are fairly easy to perform
  • Asphalt is cost effective for large areas compared to other paving surfaces


Please call us out for a free estimate and we will be able to advise you on your new driveway or repairs and resurfacing.


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