Speed bumps can be positive ways to slow down traffic and create a safe zone for pedestrians, children, and cyclists.    This is something that is a good option in gated communities, and residential areas where housing is dense.   Speed bumps can be more gentle in areas of high traffic in shopping mall parking lots and school parking lots where you have a long road entrance to the school area.   If they are strategically placed, speed bumps can hinder speeding vehicles in front of high density crossings, entrances and exits to shopping malls, before sharp curves in the road, etc. This is a proven safety measure to slow down traffic and prevent accidents.   It’s human nature not to be aware of one’s speed on a long straight stretch, but a speed bump will make you more aware to slow down.


Pedestrian Safety – Pedestrian fatalities are always a major concern to cities.   No matter how carefully people cross busy roads there are always risks for pedestrians.   Speed bumps can lower fatalities by forcing drivers to slow down.   Correctly placed speed bumps in areas near to schools or where children regularly cross the road are vital for safety.

Regulating Traffic Safety – If certain roads that are regularly used as shortcuts through to other areas, adding a speed bump or two will deter major traffic from using these shortcuts.   This will help with the traffic noise and prevent the road from getting too crowded.
Bradley Asphalt will come in and give you a free estimate for your speed bumps.   We will assess the quality of your asphalt before suggesting where to correctly place your speed bumps.   Our materials are dense graded hot asphalt that exceed the Colorado State Highway Specifications. The area will be swept and blown clean before construction begins.   A tack coat will be applied and cured for proper adhesion of the emulsified asphalt, before the building of the speed bump.  When the construction of the asphalt bump is complete, we will stripe it accordingly.   The area will be cleaned and ready for use after a drying period.


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