Here in Colorado, we’ve been blessed with a great summer and are heading into a calm fall but don’t be fooled, the snow and ice will be here in winter.   If there’s one important thing you can do to winterize your home, it’s taking care of your #asphalt paving surface.

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Being proactive and starting early preparations will help alleviate the water, snow and ice forming inside your cracks or potholes.   Potholes can be extremely detrimental to car  tires and suspensions and dangerous when covered in snow.   This freezing and thawing process can further damage your driveway or parking lot.  Scrubbing down the oil and chemicals that have accumulated over the year will need doing before the repairs are tackled.   Trying not to use salt, if possible, and shovelling ice and snow instead, will help preserve your asphalt far longer.   Asphalt is a petroleum based product and fuel, oil spills, brake fluids etc will have an adverse effect on your asphalt and weaken the surface over time.

The best action you can take is to call out a professional #asphalt contractor to assess the problem areas that may be starting to appear and to give you a free estimate for your asphalt repairs.  Once your cracks and potholes have been repaired, you will be able to #seal coat your driveway and add many years of good service to your main asset in your home.

#Seal coating your asphalt is one of the most protective ways of extending the good life of your driveway as well as adding great curb appeal to your home.  Seal coating should be applied every 4-5 years on driveways and every 3-4 years on parking lots, depending on the weather conditions in your region.

When it comes to protecting your Colorado or #Denver asphalt pavements, against deterioration, there is no greater value than a correctly applied mixed coal tar emulsion.  Seal coating is always a great protection for any #asphalt surface.

We, @Bradley Asphalt, have been looking after the Denver and surrounding areas for many years, and have been returning to our old customers to repair and seal coat their driveways, time after time.   Please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will always schedule a time to take a look at your driveway and give you some expert, free advice and a free estimate to repair your asphalt pavement or parking lot.

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