If you have a slightly damaged asphalt surface and are not ready to tear up the whole driveway, overlays may be a great option.   An overlay is a repair method where we will use your existing layers as a base for the new overlay.   This process can only be successful if there isn’t extreme damage to your existing asphalt surface.  If the rutting, potholes and large cracks have expanded too much and are allowing snow and water to leak into the sub base, this process won’t be recommended.  The most important thing to remember with an asphalt surface is the drainage.   If the asphalt isn’t draining water away from the surface, the foundations will be weak and any repairs will not last.   In this case the base will have to be regraded to handle water flow off effectively.


Our Overlay Process:

  • ASPHALT MILLING – This process involves removing the top layer of your asphalt surface that has taken on some cracks and damage. We will remove all the loose raveling and surface cracks in the old top layer.   Our milling machine will grind down 1 to 3” depending on the wear of the surface.   We then clean the whole surface and reapply an even bond and new asphalt which will stick onto the existing foundation.  We further haul the old asphalt away to be recycled.
  • BASE REPAIR – If there are areas where the damage is severe we may need to replace these sinking, potholes and rutting spots by rebuilding with multiple levels of aggregate and asphalt.
  • Once we are happy with the foundation and sub base, we will overlay the surface. Usually the amount of asphalt overlay applied to the surface will vary depending on the existing surface, but is around 1.5 to 2” thick.

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