Crack Sealing is the ideal repair for asphalt surfaces that are starting to show signs of wear and tear.   Every driveway or pavement will eventually develop cracks and need some repairs.   Asphalt cracks should be repaired before wet, snowy weather arrives so they don’t widen with the thawing and freezing cycle.   If water seeps into the cracks you will most likely undermine the foundation of your asphalt surface, leading to potholes, depressions and more extensive repairs down the road.


Crack sealing is a very successful method of repairing small cracks, and we at Bradley Asphalt have been maintaining clients asphalt and concrete surfaces since the 1980’s.   Keep in mind though that crack sealing will extend the lifespan of your surface and be an effective safeguard, it will not be a permanent fix.   You will still have to maintain your driveway regularly, and have us come out and inspect your driveway for any further widening of cracks from year to year.


We will assess your crack damage and  make sure that crack sealing is the right fix for your surface.   If the cracks are too wide and there is erosion from water damage, perhaps we will suggest an alternate repair for your driveway or pavement.  We have many services that will maintain your asphalt paving, giving you the extended use of your driveway.


Our team of asphalt technicians will:


  • Clean the whole surface to be repaired with high-pressure air, removing all dirt and debris between the cracks.
  • An asphalt crack cleaning machine will be used on cracks that have solid soil or vegetation wedged in them.
  • We will place backer rod/sand filling cracks that are larger than a 1/2 inch before any sealing is done.
  • Finally when we are happy with the solid repair we will seal those cracks with a hot pour rubberized crack sealant.


Call us today and we will come out and give you a free estimate and take care of the crack damage to your asphalt.


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