What is Sealcoating? Sealcoating Asphalt surfaces is a very cost effective way to upgrade your asphalt driveway or parking lot and can add many years of good wear to your asphalt.   Sealcoat is a thin black layer that is spread over your existing asphalt surface, to upgrade the look and seal off any surface cracks.   Sealcoating will not repair the existing cracks and potholes but will help contain the spread.


Read about these Benefits of Sealcoating:


  1. Sealcoating will protect your driveway or pavement from new exposure to the elements and prolong the life of your surface for many years.
  2. Sealcoating will give you that great black, sparkling surface that will add value and curb appeal to your property.
  3. Sealcoating will seal out the upcoming winter water damage and pooling, which eventually erodes the foundation of your asphalt, causing potholes and cracks.
  4. The sealcoat will help to melt the snow quicker, preventing water penetration which causes the thawing and freezing under the surface and eventual cracking.


Summertime in Denver is the ideal time to get these maintenance jobs done.   The ideal pavement temperature should be around 55 degrees F.   We will make sure the cracks and surface are cleaned of all dirt and debris.


If you are in any doubt as to what type of maintenance your asphalt paving needs, we will give you a free estimate and advise you on the correct path you should take.   We offer many maintenance options at Bradley Asphalt.


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