With the early onset of Autumn and our recent cycle of snowy weather, we, @Bradley Asphalt, have had to ramp up and make sure our asphalt driveways and parking lots are ready for the huge change in temperatures.   There is no doubt that protecting your most valuable asset to your home, your asphalt driveway, is very important.   One of the best ways to upgrade and protect your asphalt is to sealcoat the surface.   #Sealcoating correctly with mixed coal tar emulsion will substantially reduce maintenance costs and at the same time extend the life of your asphalt pavement by as much as 300%.   Keep in mind that the cost of sealcoating your driveway is truly a minor expense when compared to the cost of pavement replacement.

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If sealcoating is not done on your asphalt, especially after 4-5 years, cracks can start forming in the asphalt, which then leads to water pooling and eventually potholes.   We make sure that through our tried and tested repair mechanisms our team will professionally clean any oil or chemical spills and make sure your surface is prepared correctly for the sealcoating to look perfect.   We have developed our unique method to make sure that the sealcoating will last for many years.   You will also be surprised to see how much the sealcoating process will improve the overall look and value of your home.


Some benefits of sealcoating asphalt:

  • Drastically reduces long term repair costs
  • Helps to accelerate melting snow and ice on the pavement surface
  • Protects your pavement from oxidation, oil and chemical spills
  • Protects against water penetration, rain, frost and snow damage
  • Enhances the appearance of your building and landscape
  • Prolongs driveway life, safeguarding your investment

If you would like some more information about whether to sealcoat or redo your driveway, please give us a call @Bradley Asphalt, and we will set up a time to take a look and give you a Free Estimate for your repair work before the temperatures drop.


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