Asphalt patching is a reliable and affordable solution for damaged asphalt surfaces.   @Bradley Asphalt, we have been maintaining and repairing asphalt paving, driveways and commercial properties for many years and we are always there, season after season, to take care of our clients individual asphalt needs. Asphalt driveways are one of the most reliable surfaces, giving our clients many years of good driving and walking experience.   Because of our harsh winter weather in Colorado, once in a while, they will need to be maintained and repaired.  Taking the time to maintain the odd pothole, crack or oil stain will be well worth your while, giving you an extended life for your asphalt surface.




Some of the repair tools we offer are sealcoating, pothole repairs, resurfacing, crack repairs and new driveway installation.

Here are just a few problems we take care of:

  1. Alligator Cracking – Fatigue cracking, which resembles an alligator’s back, is one of the most common ways that asphalt pavement can deteriorate over time. Alligator cracking is a type of load-related deterioration resulting from a weakened sub-grade, or the incorrect pavement thickness.
  2. Longitudinal Cracking – The presence of longitudinal cracks in asphalt paving is not load-related.  This type of damage can be due to asphalt shrinkage during low temperatures.  Longitudinal cracks in asphalt paving are cracks that run in the direction of asphalt application (along a driveway or road.) They can be caused by various factors such as poorly constructed joints or temperature changes that cause shrinking/expansion of the asphalt and lastly, cracks reflecting up from an underlying layer.
  3. Block Cracking – Rectangular cracks about a foot or more apart, are called block cracks. This type of cracking typically covers large areas and may occur even where there is no traffic as this type of asphalt defect is not load-dependent. Sometimes, due to age related hardening, asphalt binders can’t contract or expand with temperature changes, causing block cracking.
  4. Edge Cracking – Edge cracks are longitudinal cracks that occur a foot or two away from the edge of the paving towards the outer edges of the asphalt border.    Edge cracks are mostly caused by heavy traffic or inadequate drainage, poor underlying layers, and asphalt shrinkage. Taking care of edge cracks is important else more will appear and widen as time goes by. Edge cracking happens because of a lack of support at the pavement edge and, because rural roads and driveways tend to be narrow, traffic is forced to drive close to these outer edges.
  5. Depressions – Depressions in asphalt are usually caused by poor compaction during the paving process.   They will quickly fill with water and start to cause bigger problems of wear on the asphalt surface, eventually causing potholes.
  6. Potholes – Potholes are awful, causing damage to cars and a danger to pedestrians.   The edges of the potholes can be quite sharp and potholes in asphalt pavement will increase in size over time as moisture infiltrates the affected area.  These notorious safety hazards are one of the most common pavement defects.
  7. Raveling – A breakdown of the general surface resulting in loose stones and debris as particles dislodge from the surface.  Once gravel has penetrated the asphalt, water seeps in and makes the problem even worse. Raveling can leave you with an uneven surface (trip hazard!) and standing water.
  8. Asphalt Upheaval – Upheaval is a localized upward, or bulging movement in your asphalt pavement due to swelling of the subgrade due to freezing or excess moisture. Frost heave is one example of this type of distress.

As you can see, there are many different types of damage that can appear on asphalt paving over time.   With this in mind, it’s always a good idea to call out a reliable expert to give you a free estimate for the exact type of damage you are dealing with.
Give us a call @Bradley Asphalt and we will be happy to come out and take a look at your asphalt issues and give you a free estimate.
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