Potholes, cracks and surface damage to your asphalt paving should be taken seriously and repaired as soon as it appears, especially before the cold weather comes back.   During the cold, harsh winter months damage to asphalt seems to appear quickly and the constant cold weather will add to that damage by freezing and thawing the water that gets trapped in these cracks and holes.   Asphalt surfaces are some of the most durable and cost effective and will enhance any house, road, school or shopping area.   These surfaces are wonderful if taken care of and maintained regularly.   You can get a good 10-25 years use our of your paving if maintained.


With the real estate market slowing down in Denver, maintaining your property for great curb appeal will give you the edge if ever you decide to sell.  One of the first things that attract potential buyers is a great looking driveway.   Of course, we do offer new driveway installations, but if we can repair it successfully, we will be glad to save you money.


We have several methods to repair the damage and we will assess and recommend the best treatment for your job.   Here are a few types of commonly used repair methods:


Throw and Roll Method – If you are looking for a quick fix in winter to get you through until the better weather arrives, then this is a good choice.  We will fill the hole with liquid asphalt and then roll it until it feels solid.  It is an emergency patch, no more.


Semi Permanent Patching Method – This is considered a more stable, longer lasting repair as we will prepare the surface beforehand.   We will first clean and remove any roots or debris that is stuck in the crack or pothole.   We then cut back with power tools and proceed to fill the gaps with asphalt mix and finally compact the area.


High Powered Spray Injection Method – We use high pressure jets to clean water and debris out of the cracks and potholes.   Then the damage is filled in with a mixture of aggregate and asphalt.   This type of repair is far better suited to the Colorado weather and will be more long lasting.


Total Full Depth Repair Method: This is a good long lasting fix and will give you many more years of driving on this surface.   We will excavate the area extending out at least a foot and 4 inches deep to remove any loose or damaged rubble.   This will help the tack coat to latch onto solid asphalt and our fill mixture will adhere to the sides with a solid grip.


Bradley Asphalt is here to help you make decisions on the correct pothole or crack fix so call us today and let’s get you into our schedule before winter creeps back.


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