Caring for your asphalt paving or driveway in winter is extremely important as this is one of the best assets for your home or business.   Winter in Colorado usually means plenty of ice and snow, that could seep into your driveway foundation and expand and contract, causing all sorts of problems.   Asphalt is naturally porous, which means that it absorbs water from the environment.


Firstly, as soon as cracks appear, make sure that you take care of repairing them before they multiply and cause more significant problems.   @Bradley Asphalt we will always respond promptly to any repair request.   Whether it’s pothole repairs, seal coating, crack repairs, or new driveways or overlays, we have successfully taken care of our clients since the 1980s. No job is too small or big for us to help with.


Sealcoating will give your asphalt surface an added layer of protection and should be done after about 6 months of laying a new asphalt driveway.   We also have some great tips for you to care for your asphalt in winter:


  1. Schedule a Free Sealcoating Estimate
    Have your driveway seal coated as soon as it’s ready. Paving contractors get busy in spring, so schedule your seal coating in advance to ensure that you’re on the schedule.
  1.     Avoid Metal Shovels
    Make sure that your shovel is a plastic one as the metal end pieces can damage and chip your asphalt.   It will help a lot if you shovel early and often when the snow is soft and hasnt compacted yet and turned into ice.   Never use an icepick and hold your shovel at a very shallow angle.
  1. Use De-icer Selectively
    Don’t be fooled, de-icers can be hard on asphalt and the environment, so use them only when absolutely necessary.   Magnesium Chloride or Calcium Magnesium Acetate can be the lesser of the evils.
  1. Hire a Snow Blowing Service
    If you really don’t have the ability or time to shovel early and regularly, it’s an option to hire a snow removal service for the bad snowfalls.   If you do hire a service, make sure that their removal blades are set about 1/4 inch above the top of the driveway.   This can help prevent the snow blower from doing some of the same damage that a shovel could do.

Reach Out to Your Paving Company to Schedule a Sealcoating – Have your driveway seal coated as soon as it’s ready. Paving contractors get busy in spring, so scheduling your seal coating far in advance can help ensure that you’re on the schedule.  A good paving contractor can give you advice and help you understand how to protect your driveway.

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