Offering quality asphalt repairs to our clients is one of the most important services that Bradley Asphalt prides itself on.   We have been repairing potholes, alligator cracking, surface cracks and sub base deterioration since the 1980’s and try to give top quality to our clients so that they have many years of good driving on their asphalt and concrete surfaces.


Over time, especially in Denver’s snowy climate, we find that asphalt needs to be repaired in a timely manner to keep your surface ship shape.   Potholes, which usually grow from cracks that haven’t been repaired, should be patched as soon as possible so that the damage doesn’t grow into a bigger issue.  Potholes that are left to grow usually will get worse and allow water to seep into the foundation.   This will freeze and thaw and create far bigger and costlier problems for a homeowner or property owner.


Building managers should sealcoat their parking facilities regularly to keep them in good shape for shoppers as well as vehicles.   Once the sealcoating has been done, we will come in and restripe your commercial area so that the parking bays will be clearly visible for clients.   This is a safety feature for commercial properties, to keep traffic flowing clearly.


We, at Bradley Asphalt, will ensure that your commercial property meets the current ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).   Whether it’s a new asphalt roadway, parking lot, or walkway that we are installing, we will ensure that your existing lot is compliant and offers the correct number of accessible parking spots for the disabled.


We have always maintained the best relationships with our customers and will go out of our way to offer excellent customer service.   We want to retain our satisfied clients for many years, making sure that you get extended, safe use out of our driveways, walkways, ramps and parking spaces.


If you need any advice on the repairs to your asphalt we would be happy to offer you a free estimate so call us today and set it up while we have such good weather for asphalt repairs.


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