Your asphalt driveway or parking lot will be the most used surface in your home or business and therefore you need to take care of it so that you can have many years of wear out of it.   One of the most important things you can do, especially in Colorado, is to repair and maintain your property before those cracks and potholes grow into a much larger problem.   Here’s where we come in – @Bradley Asphalt we will schedule and visit your property at no cost,  and give you our professional opinion as to the specific repairs that need doing for the winter months.   When #asphalt paving is correctly maintained it can give you between 15 – 20 years of good service.   If cracks and potholes are not taken care of the surface could deteriorate within 3-5 years.   To help you identify specific problems, we have compiled a list of issues that may appear on your asphalt surface:

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Asphalt Cracking – Fatigue Cracking, Block Cracking, Edge Cracking, Transverse Cracking, Slippage Cracking, and Reflection Cracking.   All of these types of cracks can  be identified and repaired.

Potholes –  Heavy traffic, salting and snow removal will worsen potholes if they are not repaired immediately.

Corrugations –  Asphalt corrugations lumps and bumps in the paved surface. These bumps and rises are usually caused by mixtures that are excessively high in asphalt plus contamination and moisture existing in the base.

Rutting – these usually occur when the asphalt hasn’t been compacted correctly and moisture infiltrates the layers.   Heavy traffic then forms a rutt or indentation along the wheel path of the vehicles.

Grade Depressions –  when sections of the pavement settle lower than the surrounding asphalt, they form grade depressions.   Depressions are usually caused by lower layers settling because of improper installation.

Patch Failures – patches are a good way to repair some types of asphalt damage but have to be done correctly to have durability.   Quick fix patches will only give you trouble and need to be removed and replaced with solid repairs to withstand the winter weather.

Bleeding – when the sticky asphalt binder leaks through the asphalt onto the surface of the road causing a black, shiny and slippery surface.   Asphalt binders bleed through the surface of the pavement when too much asphalt is used in the construction mix, excessive sealant is used in cracks and joints and when seal coating is improperly mixed.

If you find you have any of these asphalt problems starting to appear in your asphalt paving, please call us for advice and we can schedule an appointment to come out and see the damage and suggest the correct fix for your problem before the freezing weather sets in.   Our expert advice and team are always here to help and look forward to speaking with you.


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