Whether you are planning a brand new asphalt driveway or only looking to repair or sealcoat your existing asphalt paving, the one thing to remember is that it takes a company with many years of experience. Laying or repairing an asphalt driveway is not as easy as it looks. There are many pitfalls if not done with expertise and care. We, @BradleyAsphalt, have been repairing and laying new asphalt since the 80’s, and have looked after our existing customers with great care.

Here are just a few of our basic rules for laying our new asphalt:
Subgrade is the soil and stone underneath your driveway. Sub-grade needs to be free of tree roots, sinkholes and potholes, dead organic matter, and similar components such as water accumulation that may eventually create cavities and cause your finished driveway to sink. It’s best to have subgrade composed of stable soil, but that’s not always the case, especially in Denver. An experienced driveway contractor can determine the type and quality of your subgrade and will work on the area to improve the quality of the initial subgrade to make sure it’s strong, even, smooth and compacted.

April 06, 2021

Base is the layer of material that Bradley Asphalt will lay between the subgrade and the asphalt pavement. Driveway base typically consists of crushed rock or recycled asphalt. Together with the subgrade, it forms a foundation for your new driveway and allows for water to drain from underneath your driveway to prevent water pooling, ice dams that eventually lead to potholes and cracking. It is vital that your driveway’s base has to have a certain thickness and should be spread evenly and compacted well.
It’s also a good idea to generously spray the subgrade with a herbicide to make sure weeds and grasses don’t attempt to sprout through your driveway. Questionable paving contractors are notorious for laying asphalt so thin and so unprofessionally, that a driveway turns into a grass pasture in a few weeks. That’s why it’s important to hire an experienced and reliable paving company that you can trust to be there for many years of maintenance.

Proper grading is very important for the overall longevity of your driveway. When puddles form on top of the driveway, it is a sign of future damage, so deal with these issues immediately. Water that is left to sit on the asphalt surface can create many problems. In summer, it can cause your asphalt driveway to dry up faster and become brittle. In cold weather, water can soak between the asphalt granules and freeze as it expands, eventually causing cracks and many other types of damage.
To avoid any such problems, it’s crucial to grade your future driveway so that it has a slight outward slope. This way the water naturally flows downhill instead of collecting on top of your driveway. In some situations when a driveway is flat and can’t be successfully graded due to the elevation, it may be necessary to install a crown. A crown creates a slightly raised bump in the middle of your driveway that helps the water to flow to the sides instead of collecting in the middle.
Proper subgrade, base and grading equal a long-lasting and beautiful driveway.

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