Winter is fast approaching and those small asphalt parking repairs must be taken care of before they turn into large, costly repairs and perhaps even a new asphalt driveway.  @BradleyAsphalt we will give you an honest estimate for the most essential repairs that are immediately necessary without loading the price with unnecessary repairs.

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Some of the problems you could be facing include:

  • Ravelling – Raveling is the breakdown of asphalt, where small stones and particles dislodge from the surface. This breakdown results in uneven surfaces and accumulation of loose debris and standing water. Over time, the pavement thickness decreases and loose gravel abrades the remaining asphalt.  Once gravel has penetrated the asphalt, water seeps in and makes the problem worse. Raveling can leave you with an uneven, dangerous surface and standing water.
  • Depressions – these depressions can be minor requiring a quick temporary fix such as a patch but major depressions will require removal, new subgrade replacement and a full depth patch applied.
  • Potholes – these small, bowl-shaped depressions in the driveway surface can penetrate all the way through the asphalt layer down to the base course. Potholes in asphalt pavement will increase in size over time as moisture infiltrates the affected area and will cause the edges of the potholes to become quite sharp. Potholes in asphalt are typically the end result of alligator cracking. As the cracking becomes severe, the interconnected cracks create chunks of pavement, which can be dislodged as vehicles drive over them. A pothole is what we call the hole that is left after the pavement chunk is dislodged.  These notorious safety hazards are one of the most common pavement defects. The depth of the pothole and the roughness of its edges can cause serious damage to vehicles and can be a trip hazard to pedestrian traffic.

These are just a few of the common repairs that we take care of in the Denver area.   We are very proud of our service and the reputation we have built up over many years with our customers.

What Our Customers Say: “This company came out to bid a job in our parking lot in front of the dumpsters. They came in the lowest out of the three I asked to bid the job. It turned out that they had to redo the estimate, because once they cut the asphalt it was deeper than originally anticipated. They were very honest and upfront about this all throughout the process. I would definitely use them again.” Lori O

We Won’t charge a dime:Our #asphalt paving estimate service is 100% free.  Just call us and we will schedule to come out and give you a free, no obligation estimate and some top notch advice as to the repairs you will need to see you through our harsh winter months.

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