Make no mistake, a new Asphalt Driveway is a thing of beauty and needs to be celebrated.   Usually, laying a brand new Asphalt Surface is a once in a lifetime event if it is carefully maintained and repaired by a reputable Asphalt Paving Company, that has good reviews and a long track record of working in the area and climate.  You will probably find your neighbors coming out to admire your new acquisition, and they may even be prompted to redo their driveways.  A freshly paved driveway will increase the value of your property as well as the neighborhood.  A new driveway is also an affordable improvement to your home.

To help homeowners understand the full process from start to finish we, @BradleyAsphalt,  have put together a point by point list:

Our first steps:

  1. Consultation and Free Estimate – As soon as we get your call we will contact you and arrange a convenient time to visit your location to be paved.   During this visit we will examine your soil conditions, measure the area needing paving and assess any future problem areas that may occur and make recommendations.
  2. Prepare Estimate -With all this information we will prepare a quote for your specific project.
  3. Accept Estimate – Once you have made the decision to go ahead with Bradley Asphalt, you will sign the estimate and we will give you a copy for confirmation.   All the terms and conditions and warranty will appear on this document.   We will answer any questions you may have regarding your new asphalt surface.
  4. Schedule – We will discuss the start date based on our availability and your convenience.   Weather may play a part in this decision but all the details will be discussed with you and agreed upon.
  5. Permits – Bradley Asphalt will pull any necessary permits from your local jurisdiction.
  6. Start Time – We will notify the client of our start time.
  7. Remove & Excavate – Our team will remove all old paving and excavate as needed for the new sub-base foundation to be laid.   The old asphalt or concrete will be removed and recycled.This preparation is usually done in one day.
  8. Sub-Base – We will now replace the sub-base with the new materials needed for a strong, smooth foundation.   This sub-base will be smoothed, and compacted, making sure that there will be good drainage for water and runoff.   This is an important step which we will monitor very carefully.
  9. Paving – This is the fun part now that the hard work is complete.   Our machines will lay a smooth, even surface of hot mix asphalt.   Our technicians will hand smooth the tight corners and edges.  Our rollers will then compact down the layers of hot mix asphalt until it is smooth, thick and graded for water runoff.  The technicians work very hard with this process.
  10. First Curing – Depending on the weather, usually within 3-5 days you will not be able to use the asphalt surface for vehicles or parking.   We will tape off the area to keep any vehicles off the surface.   You may walk on the surface though.
  11. Additional Curing – After 5 days you will be able to access the driveway for vehicles to get in and out of the garage, but not to park them on the surface yet.  We suggest you wait at least 2-3 weeks, before parking and leaving heavy vehicles on the new asphalt surface.   We will advise you according to the weather at the time.

We, at Bradley Asphalt, pride ourselves on getting it right the first time and are always available to address any concerns you may have after the driveway is completed.   We strive to complete our work on time with minimum interruption or inconvenience to you and your family.

We are always proud of our work and have been servicing Denver, the Front Range, Parker, Elizabeth and Colorado Springs since the 1980’s.   Colorado weather patterns do not get us down.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information you require:

Denver Office: 303-467-0631

Colorado Springs/Monument Office: 719-481-9411

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