We @BradleyAsphalt realize how important a decision it is to lay an asphalt driveway or commercial parking lot.   This is why we have taken the trouble to lay out a few pointers for you to make the correct decision when it comes to free Asphalt Estimates.   Choosing whether to repair or replace your damaged asphalt paving needs an honest, professional opinion from a reputable contractor who has had many years of experience dealing with the weather conditions in your area.


18 Aug, 2021


Here are a few points to consider:


SCOPE OF WORK – Compare apples to apples.   Make sure you get a written estimate, with all the details involved in your paving repair or new driveway.  Check that the total area to be paved is the same on all estimates.   Make sure you compare the thickness of the finished, compacted asphalt.   The most important comparison should be the subbase material and thickness for your particular purpose.  There are hundreds of different mix designs and the difference in cost and performance vary greatly.

Discuss with your contractor to determine if recycling the existing aggregate base is suitable or if your project requires a new aggregate for the base.


REPUTATION – A contractor is only as good as his reputation.   Good and problem reviews are important.   Read both and see how the contractor deals with his clients’ issues.  Ask the contractor for someone you can talk to about their experiences with the company.  Bradley Asphalt will always be there to support you when the job is done.


SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES –  Talk to your contractor about your special needs, perhaps you need to keep one side open for access or perhaps you have certain days that are not available for workers to access the property.


START AND COMPLETION DATES – Make sure you are very clear about your timelines for starting and completing the work.


EXPERIENCE – The most important thing to consider is the years of experience that the company has in the field.   Bradley Asphalt has been helping clients in and around Denver, Monument and Colorado Springs since the 1980’s.   We have been supporting our old and new customers with their repairs, new asphalt, potholes, cracks, sealcoating and so many other asphalt paving needs.   We know and understand the weather patterns, soil conditions, freezing and thawing temperatures in the different areas that will greatly affect how we lay the asphalt specifically for your area.   These conditions vary greatly and must be taken into consideration when designing your asphalt paving.


All in all, do your homework and you will see that #BradleyAsphalt can offer you all the security and cost effectiveness you need to get the job done right.


Please call us with any of your asphalt concerns before the weather starts to change and we will come out, take a look at your issues and give you sound advice and a free estimate:


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