Asphalt driveways can crack in the winter in Denver, for a few reasons. One reason is due to the expansion and contraction of the ground caused by freezing and thawing temperatures. When the ground freezes, it expands and pushes against the asphalt. When it thaws, it contracts and pulls away from the asphalt. This constant expansion and contraction can cause cracks to form in the asphalt.


Another reason why asphalt driveways may crack in the winter in Denver is due to the weight of the snow and ice on the surface. As snow and ice accumulate on the driveway, they can put a lot of pressure on the asphalt, leading to cracks. This is especially true if the snow and ice is not removed regularly, as the weight can build up over time and cause even more damage.


Additionally, the use of deicing chemicals can also contribute to the cracking of asphalt driveways. These chemicals can cause the asphalt to become more brittle, making it more prone to cracking when exposed to freezing temperatures.


Overall, the combination of freezing and thawing temperatures, the weight of snow and ice, and the use of deicing chemicals can all contribute to the cracking of asphalt driveways in the winter in Denver. To prevent cracking, it is important to clear snow and ice regularly, use deicing chemicals sparingly, and have any cracks promptly repaired to prevent further damage.


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