We service and repair asphalt in Lakewood, Westminster, Aurora, Arvada and all surrounding districts of Colorado. Our highly trained professionals will complete each task on time and within budget. 

Winter in Colorado can be brutal on your #asphalt or #concrete surfaces around your home or business.   Potholes, cracks, alligator cracking, new driveways, striping and sealcoating are all services that we offer at Bradley Asphalt.   We are very proud Coloradans and have been successfully taking care of asphalt roads, college grounds and airport parking lots since the 1980’s.   Our clients have been relying on us to repair their most expensive assets around their properties and to extend the life of their asphalt surfaces for many years.

Over the winter months the snow shovels will slowly deteriorate your asphalt surface and if there are any cracks or potholes forming, they will be far worse after the freeze, melt cycles.

These cannot be ignored, they will only become a bigger problem for you next year, especially as water seeps under the asphalt and into the subgrade, further damaging your paving.   Regular maintenance to your asphalt will keep it in good condition and lengthen the lifespan for many years.

Our #sealcoating technique is a great bonus to keep your asphalt looking brand new and sealed from water damage.   We will also remove any oil or chemical stains, roots or repair problem areas before sealing your driveway.

Spring is on it’s way and it’s time to evaluate the snow and water damage to your asphalt driveway.   We, @BradleyAsphalt, will come out and give you a free estimate to repair your potholes, cracks and get your asphalt into tip top condition for the summer ahead.   Now is the ideal time to reserve your spot for this free estimate before we start to book up.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information you require:

Denver Office: 303-467-0631

Colorado Springs/Monument Office: 719-481-9411

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