Make no mistake, especially in colder regions, summer is the perfect time to deal with your driveway and parking lot problems.   The weather plays a huge role in the long term success of your paving repair, maintenance and seal coating, especially with asphalt.

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When the weather is warmer and dryer, it will make the asphalt more manageable to work with, giving it more time to dry and a smoother overall finish.   Of course, a reputable asphalt company can work in cooler conditions and still get the job done but when tackling such a large, long lasting project, one should take advantage of the spring and summer months.

One also has to take into account the moisture levels on the day.   You can certainly pave when there is a slight sprinkle but not in heavy rain.   The base layers can become damaged and cause the asphalt to cool too quickly.   Dry summer days are ideal.


Another thought to account for is the actual transportation of the hot asphalt.   This is a liquid, heated material that is best poured and evenly smoothed out when hot.   If it cools inside the truck and is poured when not hot enough, it may be more difficult to evenly distribute.   The worst case scenario is if the asphalt starts to harden before the work is done.

Of course, these are all problems a reputable asphalt company will know how to deal with and they certainly won’t undertake to lay a driveway under these conditions.   With this in mind, take advantage of the good Denver weather now in summer and call @Bradley Asphalt with any questions you need answered.   We are only too willing to give you a free estimate and ready to help you with any asphalt driveway problems you may have.


We also tackle jobs like parking lots, walkways, tennis courts, speedbumps, striping of parking bays.   Our work is top notch and we are proud to say we have made many long term customers over the many years we have been helping folks in Colorado with their paving needs.


So give us a call and avoid missing out on the perfect weather for us to give you a brand new asphalt driveway.

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