@Bradley Asphalt, we specialize in repairing Asphalt Paving.   Over the past 30 years we have maintained and repaired every type of damage to asphalt surfaces.



Pothole damage can look far worse than it actually needs to be.  Potholes are a very destructive road problem if left unattended and if dealt with quickly and correctly, can preserve your whole asphalt driveway or parking lot for many more years.  We will come out for a free estimate and give you the correct advice.   If there is  a solid sub-base or foundation, this type of repair is easily done.   But if your large parking lot has severe potholes and has been neglected for many years, it may be the right time to dig up and replace your asphalt paving.



Another reason for concern is ruts and depressions appearing in the asphalt surface.   If these dips and valleys are starting to crumble and the gravel, or stones, are coming loose and unravelling, then it may be time to get an expert opinion from us to replace the whole driveway with new asphalt paving.



Leaving cracks to get larger will cause you endless headaches and eventually lead to a full replacement of your asphalt.   Water can drain into the sub-base through the cracked surface, causing freezing and thawing, which will eventually compromise your foundation, and then there’s no turning back.   If you tackle these crack problems early, repairing them and sealcoating the driveway, you will get far better extended use out of your asphalt surface.



Just like you would service your car regularly, keeping a good maintenance routine for one of your top assets is important to preserve the structural integrity throughout the Denver winter months.


We are professionals who have been in the business of asphalt paving for over 30 years and have repaired and designed every type of paving project throughout Denver. We specialize in #residentialasphaltdriveways and #commercialparkinglots to #industrialasphaltpaving spaces.

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