Your commercial asphalt parking lots have taken a huge knock this winter and it’s time to get in line for your springtime facelift.   Sealcoating is a very cost effective option for shopping centers and residential apartment complexes to upgrade and restore their parking facilities without too much disruption for traffic and pedestrians.


During the last two years of Covid, shopping malls have been in a slump and not seeing much foot traffic.   Customers are starting to shop again and one cannot neglect the damage, cracks, potholes and poor striping that has occured during the snowy winter months.


Sealcoating lifts the look of the parking space, filling in tiny cracks before they become bigger problems.   Sealcoating also leaves a gorgeous sparkly black finish to the asphalt surface, which increases the value and curb appeal of the building.  If owners regularly sealcoat the surfaces of their asphalt parkings, they can extend the age of asphalt assets for up to 15 years.


Customers also appreciate a well kept commercial building.  You will find that tenants are prepared to pay higher rents when the building is well maintained.


There is also the safety aspect to think about.   Sealcoating those indentations and small potholes will give a smoother safer finish for pedestrians.


We, @BradleyAsphalt, are always willing to come out and give you a free estimate and some sound advice for your repairs to your asphalt surface.   Give us a call before we get crazy busy!