1. One of the current benefits that is on everyone’s mind is the environment and how we can protect it for future generations.   When deciding on a surface for your new driveway or pavement keep in mind that Asphalt is considered a green technology and can be recycled.
  2. Asphalt has a very quick installation process and can be laid in just a few days depending on the size of the actual surface. Concrete, on the other hand, can take far longer to set and cure before it can be used.
  3. Asphalt is far more cost effective than brick or concrete surfaces.
  4. Asphalt offers a much longer lifespan although it does require preventative maintenance.
  5. We @BradleyAshpalt have many options for long term maintenance of your asphalt paving.   We repair potholes, alligator cracking, small cracks, foundation malfunctions, resurfacing and sealcoating.   This technique of sealcoating or resurfacing can be done every few years and will stretch the life of your driveway for up to 20 years or more.   These processes are affordable and keep the asphalt looking top notch for many years.
  6. Asphalt is not affected by the cold, and does not deteriorate from salt use. In addition, the dark color of asphalt pavement that can cause problems in climates with severe heat of over 100 degrees,  actually solves problems in the cold – it absorbs more heat from the sun, causing snow and ice to melt much more quickly.

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