Why choose an asphalt driveway? The appearance of an attractive driveway will add ‘curb appeal’ to your home. People will initially judge the condition and value of your home based on the condition of your driveway. 

There are many products available for resurfacing your driveway.. From brick to concrete, each possesses properties different from the other that contribute to the health of your driveway but an asphalt driveway is a superior choice for homeowners. It offers many benefits such as easy installation, durability and an excellent return on investment through years of lasting service. Let’s take a closer look at how asphalt will benefit you and your home.

1.  Quick to Install

If the driveway you’re laying needs to be usable as soon as possible, asphalt paving is really your only choice. An asphalt driveway can be laid in 1-2 days and it only takes two days to cure. Concrete takes much longer to install and cure — usually around one week.

2.   Easy to Maintain

Asphalt can be repaired easier than concrete. Cracks can be filled and sealed with sealants that can help prolong the life of the surface. You can do minor repairs if needed yourself with easy-to-use blacktop sealant products, which are widely available in hardware stores. General upkeep can leave you with a driveway that lasts 15-20 years or more. Asphalt paving will even help you out during the winter — due to its dark color, it absorbs heat and melts ice more quickly than concrete. For larger asphalt repairs, call Bradley Asphalt for a free estimate.

3.   Cost Effective

If you want something that is both tough and affordable, asphalt is a preferred choice. In most instances, an asphalt driveway can be laid in one or two days depending on the project’s scope. Materials are cheaper, allowing for a more economical solution to labor costs. For ongoing maintenance, the process of sealcoating is an inexpensive way of keeping your driveway in good condition.

4.   Weather Resistant

Asphalt is an all-weather material. Asphalt can expand and contract in harsh climates with minimal cracking. Due to the deep-black tint of asphalt paving, which pulls in and retains the heat, snow melts much quicker on asphalt. In Denver where we have hot summers and snowy cold winters, asphalt is the right way to go for your home.

5.    Durable

Asphalt is a flexible, weather-resistant material, considerably less likely to crack over time, making it durable and long-lasting. The binding agents found in asphalt allow for this flexibility to take place. Using asphalt in your driveway will outperform concrete or brick because it won’t crack or strain as easley under the tension created by hot and cold weather. Along with its price point, asphalt paving comes out on top in terms of its long-term durability.

If you are looking for a quick to install, easy to maintain and alternative to a concrete driveway, an asphalt driveway is the right choice for you. Call Bradley Asphalt at 303 467 0631 for a free estimate.

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