Overlay Driveway

The new construction, removal and replacement, and overlay/resurfacing of driveways was the original niche of Bradley Asphalt Services. Since then, Bradley has grown tremendously, however we still retain the commitment to providing the highest quality driveways in the market.

Overlay Driveway Procedure

  • Remove and replace asphalt at the garage or existing concrete parking area prior to paving, if needed, for elevation changes so there are no a lips (bumps) at those areas.Overlay Driveway Procedure
  • Clean driveway by air power brooming and a wire broom where needed.
  • Tack coat (glue) the existing driveway to bond the new asphalt to the existing pavement.
  • Overlay that area with new hot asphalt mix between 2 to 2 ¼ inches, to be rolled and compacted.
  • New asphalt overlay to a match any existing elevations of asphalt or concrete areas as agreed/applicable.

Please Note: There might be some exceptions to the Overlay Driveway Procedure as listed below.

If you have any failed asphalt (pot holes, crack alligated areas, low areas, etc.) they should be repaired prior to paving to stop/minimize any re-flecking cracking and drainage issues.

If there is weeds and grass growing in any cracks in the driveway to be overlaid they should be sterilized with a product like roundup at least 1 week prior before the overlay is done.

You might want the overlay to be thinner or thicker depending on your needs.

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