New Driveway

The new construction, removal and replacement, and overlay/resurfacing of driveways was the original niche of new driveway constructionBradley Asphalt Services. Since then, Bradley has grown tremendously, however we still retain the commitment to providing the highest quality driveways in the market.

New Driveway Procedure

  • Excavate and grade existing road base/soil for proper drainage.
  • Roll and compact ground prior to laying the new asphalt driveway.
  • Sterilize that area with a weed and grass inhibitor to minimize any vegetation growth.
  • Lay new hot asphalt mix in that area totaling approximately 4 inches thick, to be rolled and compacted to an average depth of 3 inches.
  • New driveway to a match any existing elevations of asphalt or concrete areas as agreed/applicable.
  • Shoulder the new asphalt edges with existing soil/rock.

Please Note: There might be some exceptions to the New Driveway Procedure as listed below.

If the driveway to be paved has a lot of loose gravel/rock on it would have to be removed, by either being placed on site or hauled away.

If there is a lot of tall weeds and grass in the driveway to be paved it should be sterilized with a product like roundup at least 1 week prior before any site work is done.

If you have some unstable soil (soft/clay) in an area/areas they might have to be over excavated, soil hauled away, some road base be brought in, then rolled and compacted prior to paving the driveway.

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