Trying to sell your house in Denver, CO, the most important renovation or upgrade you can do to maximize your sale price is #asphalt or resurface your #driveway.  Curb appeal will be the first impression that a buyer will judge as they pull up to your home and if there is the slightest cracks or potholes showing on the driveway, they will devalue the house in their minds.

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Don’t start off on the wrong foot before they’ve even stepped into your home.

There are many options to repair your asphalt driveway.   It may not always be necessary to totally redo your asphalt driveway.   Here are just a few suggestions:

  1. Crack Sealing – Crack filling is a fraction of the cost of replacing an asphalt driveway. The key to effective crack filling and sealing is to repair and fill the cracks while they are small, as crack filling inhibits cracks from widening and keeps new cracks from forming.
  2. Sealcoating -driveway sealing is the process of applying a protective coating to asphalt-based surfaces to provide a layer of protection from the elements such as water, oils and sun damage.
  3. Resurfacing or overlay – Resurfacing your asphalt driveway means laying a new layer or coat of asphalt over your existing layer. This usually adds 1″-2″ of asphalt and corrects most damage to asphalt driveways and will extend the lifespan of the surface.

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  1. Patching and pothole repair  Liquid asphalt is filled into a hole and then rolled over.   @Bradley Asphalt  will determine the proper asphalt patching technique and material based on the extent of damage to be repaired.   A commonly used asphalt repair methods called Throw-and-roll –  this is a temporary patching technique in which liquid asphalt is filled into a hole and then rolled and spread over the asphalt surface.
  2. Removal and replacement –  If an asphalt surface has been neglected and water infiltration through cracks and holes has begun to undermine the substrate, the most effective form of repair would then be to remove and replace it.

We, at @Bradley Asphalt Repair,  have been in the business for over 30 years and have found that no problem is too big or too small for us.   We are always available to meet with you and give you our honest, expert advice on how to improve the value of your home with a decent Asphalt Driveway and entrance.  Once we have repaired or replaced your Asphalt Driveway, the curb appeal of your home will be greatly elevated and you will be proud to show your home.

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When it comes to deciding which are your best options for a new home driveway, we recommend going with a Full Depth Asphalt Driveway. Full Depth Asphalt will provide the homeowner with the best combination of strength, flexibility and durability, especially in climates that have fluctuating temperatures throughout the year.

Starting with a good base is paramount to the building of a solid asphalt driveway.  If the soil hard or if you have road base on your driveway a 3-inch compacted asphalt should be adequate. If you use driveway for commercial purposes, you might want it thicker for heavier loads. If we find that the subgrade quality is unstable, we may recommend additional road base of crushed aggregate be laid and thoroughly compacted first.

1 inch of compacted asphalt pavement is equivalent to 3 inches of aggregate base.

Benefits of Hot Mix Asphalt

There is no comparison when it comes to durability and sustainability of hot mix asphalt against concrete for a colder climate:

  • Asphalt is flexible and gives with initial settlements
  • Asphalt withstands extreme temperature changes
  • Asphalt is strong and very durable
  • Asphalt is good looking and adds value to any property
  • Asphalt gives a smooth, safe surface
  • Asphalt is unaffected by salt

In conclusion, a Hot Mix Asphalt Driveway will give you many years of good, worry free use.

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Why do we call asphalt “pitch”? And where is the largest asphalt lake in the world?

The Pitch Lake is the largest natural deposit of asphalt in the world, estimated to contain 10 million tons. It is located in La Brea in southwest Trinidad, within the Siparia Regional Corporation. The lake covers about 100 acres and is reported to be 250 feet deep

The Pitch Lake has fascinated Western explorers and scientists, as well as attracting tourists, since its re-discovery by Sir Walter Raleigh in his expedition there in 1595. (The native Indians knew about it and showed it to him.) Raleigh himself found immediate use for the asphalt to caulk his ship. He referred to the pitch as “most excellent… It melteth not with the sun as the pitch of Norway”. Since its re-discovery, there have been numerous research investigations into the use and chemical composition of this material. There have been countless theories, postulations, and conclusions as to the size, source, and origin of the asphalt.

In 1887, Amzi Barber, an American businessman known as “The Asphalt King”, secured a 42-year monopoly concession from the British Government for the Pitch Lake for his company, Barber Asphalt Paving Co. It was from this source that many of the first asphalt roads of New York City, Washington D.C., and other Eastern U.S. cities were paved.

It was the natives, the Amerindians, that showed Sir Walter Raleigh where the lake was. They were the ones who named the black substance piche, which over time became to be known as pitch. The natives had their own story about the origin of the lake. The story goes that the indigenous people were celebrating a victory over a rival tribe when they got carried away in their celebration. They proceeded to cook and eat the sacred hummingbird which they believed possessed the souls of their ancestors. According to legend their winged God punished them by opening the earth and conjuring the pitch lake to swallow the entire village, and the lake became a permanent stain and a reminder of their sins. The local villages believe this legend due to the many Amerindian artifacts and a cranium that have been discovered, preserved, in the pitch.

So there you have it!   Today asphalt is widely used in road surfacing, pavements, sports facilities, driveways and many other uses.   We, at Bradley Asphalt are proud to use this versatile, natural, durable and recyclable product.

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Ice and snow can have extremely damaging effects on your asphalt driveway and parking lot.Maintaining your asphalt is the best way to prevent the need for re-paving it.

To help prevent a dull and cracked asphalt appearing in the spring, here are steps to take throughout the winter months.

1.   Avoid using salt

Salt is good for melting snow quickly but it’s highly corrosive and will damage your asphalt driveway. Wherever possible avoid using salt. Use sand, kitty litter or  potassium chloride to melt the snow and improve traction.

2.    Don’t use a metal shovel and make sure your snow plow blades don’t hit the asphalt

A metal shovel with a pointed tip can damage your driveway. Rather use a rubber-bladed shovel. If you’re plowing your driveway or use someone to do the job for you, check that the blade height is set properly and you avoid accidentally hitting the asphalt with sharp snow plow blades.

3.    Make sure that your driveway has proper drainage

Standing water will badly damage your driveway. It forms depressions in the asphalt which in turn create cracks and potholes through which water seeps into the substrate beneath the surface. A damaged substrate will eventually require a driveway resurface.

To avoid damage, make sure your driveway has proper drainage. Remove snow build wherever possible and remove all debris along the perimeter to allow runoff.

4.   Point your gutter spouts away from your driveway

Melting snow allowed to flow onto your driveway can freeze. It will be a safety hazard and will damage your driveway.

These asphalt maintenance tips will help to make sure that your asphalt driveway and parking lot are in good shape during winter. Many additional services such as crack sealing and seal coating need to be handled by professionals. Call us to help you protect and maintain your driveway. 

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Asphalt overlay is a good option to repair and restore an asphalt parking lot, road and driveways that is not too damaged and just needs a facelift. Asphalt can be offered in several different types to meet different specifications and can be good solution to correct certain surface deficiencies.

They can be good at sealing existing pavements, roads and interstates from external moisture and can restore a good skid resistance to an already too smooth surface of road. New asphalt tends to have a tighter finish and more appealing appearance due to the smaller aggregate used. This design holds several benefits for road users such as reducing wet weather spray, reducing nighttime glare and reducing the potential for hydroplaning. Some types of asphalt are designed for rainwater runoff to drain through the asphalt, onto the lower aggregate and will drain away excess water.

To get an exact shelf life of overlaying existing asphalt pavement  depends largely on the initial damage to the existing surface. If the surface has extensive damage and such as failed asphalt (potholes, crack alligated areas, low areas, etc.) they should be repaired prior to paving to stop/minimize any re-flecking cracking and drainage issues.

You might have to remove and replace or rotomill asphalt at the sidewalks, handicap ramps, curb with gutter and entryways prior to paving for elevation changes so there are no lips (bumps) at those areas which can cause drainage issues and tripping hazards.

You might have to completely rotomill the parking lot (remove a layer of asphalt pavement) before overlaying because the condition of the parking lot is bad, there are too many elevation problems causing drainage issues throughout the parking lot or the parking lot has been overlaid before.

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We don’t ever take asphalt paving for granted. We walk on it, park on it, land our planes on it,

play sport on it and seal our roofing with it. Life is easier with a good asphalt surface!

The black sticky and highly viscous liquid also known as bitumen in many countries, is sourced in two ways -either from refining petroleum or natural deposits in the earth.  Aggregates made up of sand, stone and gravel are mixed with bitumen which holds it all together.

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NEW ASPHALT CONSTRUCTION – Asphalt paving offers one of the most durable and sustainable hard-wearing surfaces but all asphalt will need maintenance and proper care to keep it in tip top shape.  Fluctuating temperatures, heavy traffic, moisture levels will all affect the asphalt surface as well as oil, grease, transmission fluids and salt spills. Keeping your asphalt surface free from these fluids will help.

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Maintenance of your asphalt driveway or parking lot is at its best when the area is still in good to fair condition. Regular care of your asphalt paving will give you many more years of good, solid use than waiting for the major cracks to appear. Far more damage can occur under your asphalt if  cracks are not immediately dealt with. The greatest culprit is water seeping into the cracks and sitting under the asphalt which eventually destroys the underlying base of the asphalt. This is especially important in areas of the country where the temperatures drop drastically in winter, causing the cracks to grow wider and allowing more moisture into the subgrade. Once this damage has travelled it is far costlier to address these problems than taking care of the cracks as they appear.

A good asphalt company will usually repair cracks with a hot poured rubberized crack sealant. The cracks will have to be very carefully air blasted, cleaned and sometimes routed out to prepare them for the sealant. Hot poured rubberized sealant is the preferred repair method.

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You can seal cracks almost any time of year providing they are not wet from rain or snow. Most cracks will open and close, depending on the temperature. In Summer cracks will be narrower and in mid-Winter cracks will be at their widest.

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Professional Procedures

There are many procedures that good companies will use such as routing or sawing, high-pressure air blasting, sandblasting, wire brushing, hot air blasting or high pressure water.   If the cracks are deeper a specialised backer rod that is shrink resistant, non absorbent and non melting will be placed inside the large, clean crack.   The size of the backer rod will be slightly larger than the crack to prevent movement and floating.   Another important point that a good company will watch for is air bubbles in the sealant which will eventually weaken the repair.

These are just a few examples of repair work that Bradley Asphalt takes on and is very successful with.

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Living in the Front Range, Denver, Colorado with snow and freezing temperatures every winter means that you should always be ready to do some preparation maintenance on your asphalt paving and driveways in the fall. Thinking and preparing ahead of time to protect your asphalt driveway, paving and parking lots will help with minimum damage and repair in the spring.

Snow removal is very necessary but the machinery can cause damage to asphalt if not done correctly.   The deicers and salt can also have some negative effects on the paving and the environment.

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  • Snow ploughs should be set ½ inch above the asphalt to prevent damage.   The city snow ploughs are usually correctly set for this purpose.  If you have any uneven surfaces on your asphalt driveway or parking lot then these raised areas will have some damage in the spring that will need repairing.
  • Professional companies will usually use a polyurethane cutting edge on the blades of their plow to lessen the impact it will have on your asphalt driveway.
  • Place a cone or marker on the corners of your curb to help snow ploughs avoid damaging the curb or property edge of your asphalt.
  • The biggest culprit of winter weather on asphalt surfaces is the constant freeze-thaw cycle.   When the temperature fluctuates it causes freezing and melting which contracts and retracts the asphalt surface.   When water freezes inside minute cracks it can expand the cracks, causing large potholes and even larger cracks. If this damage is visible please contact Bradley Asphalt and we will come out and take a look.

Winter may cause problems to many areas of your home but with a little care, your asphalt driveway shouldn’t be one of them.

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Why choose an asphalt driveway? The appearance of an attractive driveway will add ‘curb appeal’ to your home. People will initially judge the condition and value of your home based on the condition of your driveway. 

There are many products available for resurfacing your driveway.. From brick to concrete, each possesses properties different from the other that contribute to the health of your driveway but an asphalt driveway is a superior choice for homeowners. It offers many benefits such as easy installation, durability and an excellent return on investment through years of lasting service. Let’s take a closer look at how asphalt will benefit you and your home.

1.  Quick to Install

If the driveway you’re laying needs to be usable as soon as possible, asphalt paving is really your only choice. An asphalt driveway can be laid in 1-2 days and it only takes two days to cure. Concrete takes much longer to install and cure — usually around one week.

2.   Easy to Maintain

Asphalt can be repaired easier than concrete. Cracks can be filled and sealed with sealants that can help prolong the life of the surface. You can do minor repairs if needed yourself with easy-to-use blacktop sealant products, which are widely available in hardware stores. General upkeep can leave you with a driveway that lasts 15-20 years or more. Asphalt paving will even help you out during the winter — due to its dark color, it absorbs heat and melts ice more quickly than concrete. For larger asphalt repairs, call Bradley Asphalt for a free estimate.

3.   Cost Effective

If you want something that is both tough and affordable, asphalt is a preferred choice. In most instances, an asphalt driveway can be laid in one or two days depending on the project’s scope. Materials are cheaper, allowing for a more economical solution to labor costs. For ongoing maintenance, the process of sealcoating is an inexpensive way of keeping your driveway in good condition.

4.   Weather Resistant

Asphalt is an all-weather material. Asphalt can expand and contract in harsh climates with minimal cracking. Due to the deep-black tint of asphalt paving, which pulls in and retains the heat, snow melts much quicker on asphalt. In Denver where we have hot summers and snowy cold winters, asphalt is the right way to go for your home.

5.    Durable

Asphalt is a flexible, weather-resistant material, considerably less likely to crack over time, making it durable and long-lasting. The binding agents found in asphalt allow for this flexibility to take place. Using asphalt in your driveway will outperform concrete or brick because it won’t crack or strain as easley under the tension created by hot and cold weather. Along with its price point, asphalt paving comes out on top in terms of its long-term durability.

If you are looking for a quick to install, easy to maintain and alternative to a concrete driveway, an asphalt driveway is the right choice for you. Call Bradley Asphalt at 303 467 0631 for a free estimate.

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The difference between Resurfacing or Sealcoating Asphalt

Resurfacing or Overlaying your driveway is usually done every 15-20 years. This process involves adding a second laying of asphalt on your existing pavement usually between 1.5 to 2 inches thick.

This process will give you a new driveway without all the pitfalls of removing and replacing the entire driveway. This is a very cost-effective way to redo your driveway without having to replace the driveway but requires that the initial asphalt be in relatively good shape and was prepared correctly without any drainage issues.

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SEALCOATING or RESEALING blacktop asphalt ,on the other hand, is usually done every 4-5 years to maintain an already well laid asphalt driveway. Sealcoating the asphalt, provides a wearing surface and prevents water from seeping down to the base material. The dark black color of newly applied sealcoat improves the appearance of new and old asphalt, making your driveway look near brand new. Some other benefits of sealcoating are that it helps protect the asphalt from the sun (slows oxidation) well as the harmful effects of chemical spills such as oil and gasoline on a driveway. Asphalt sealcoating keeps your new pavement clean by filling in the small voids in the asphalt.

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New Driveway Installation – Besides these two above options there is always the ultimate choice of the new Asphalt driveway.  A new asphalt driveway will definitely improve your curb appeal and add value to your home.   A well designed and installed asphalt driveway will last for approximately 20 years.  If you would like an Asphalt

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