We don’t ever take asphalt paving for granted. We walk on it, park on it, land our planes on it, play sport on it and seal our roofing with it. Life is easier with a good asphalt surface!
The black sticky and highly viscous liquid also known as bitumen in many countries, is sourced in two ways – either from refining petroleum or natural deposits in the earth. Aggregates made up of sand, stone and gravel are mixed with bitumen which holds it all together.


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Hairline cracks

There are different ways to lay asphalt depending on the weight and traffic that the area will have to sustain.

HOT MIX ASPHALT – is generally used in high traffic areas like airports, highways and huge sporting arena parking lots.   This type of asphalt is produced under high heat and is the most
durable type of surface.
WARM MIX ASPHALT –  is generally used in patching and repair work and low traffic area and offers a medium strength surface.  This type of mix is safer for the environment and does not require such high temperatures in manufacturing.

MASTIC ASPHALT – has far less bitumen and is usually used in tennis courts, play areas and roofing and walkways.

NEW ASPHALT CONSTRUCTION – Asphalt paving offers one of the most durable and sustainable hard wearing surfaces but all asphalt will need maintenance and proper care to keep it in tip top shape.  Fluctuating temperatures, heavy traffic, moisture levels will all affect the asphalt surface as well as oil, grease, transmission fluids and salt spills. Keeping your asphalt surface free from these fluids will help.  
It’s always advisable when laying new asphalt to sealcoat it right from the start.  
When small hairline cracks start to appear there are two types of crack filler that would help to seal up those fissures.   Cold liquid pour asphalt crack fill is very effective in sealing small cracks up to ½ inches in width.   However, hot pour crack fill is rubberized asphalt crack filler and can be used on cracks that are closer to 1 inch wide.  These products can keep cracks stable for approximately 3-4 years.
RESURFACING ASPHALT – Every few years it may be necessary to resurface your asphalt because of larger cracks and water collection in the uneven areas.   This process means layering a brand new surface on top of your existing driveway or parking lot.   It will add a depth of asphalt approximately 1-2 inches and will correct any structural problems.   Resurfacing your pavement, driveway or parking lot will extend the life of your asphalt and prevent potholes and deep cracks from forming.   It is a very cost effective method of getting your asphalt surface to looking brand new again.


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