Advantages of Asphalt Pavement Over Concrete Pavement

Saving on Cost & Repairs1. Cost: Asphalt is usually about 30 to 40 percent cheaper than concrete.

2. Speed of Construction: To lay a new asphalt driveway it usually takes 1 2 days depending on the size and scope of work. Where concrete can take up to several days longer to complete.

3. Usability: You can use a new asphalt driveway/parking lot usually between 24 days depending on the time of the year when the driveway was laid. In the Spring and Fall the driveway/parking lot cures faster (hardens) because the days are not as hot and it gets cooler at night. In the Summer time it takes longer to cure do to the summer heat. Concrete takes 7 days to cure unless you have a high early mix which costs substantially more.

4. Spalling: Asphalt does not spall like concrete does/can (surface flaking) which can be caused be improper installation, improper mix design (too much water in the concrete) and salt being thrown on the concrete to make any snow melt.

5. Cracking: All asphalt or concrete pavements can get lineal cracks this does not mean the pavements are failing. The most common reason for this is expansive soil (clay). Asphalt is a flexible pavement which means it is less likely to crack than concrete. That is why concrete has control joints in it (scored lines/saw cut lines) to deal with any cracking.

6. Repairs and Maintenance: Generally asphalt is cheaper to repair than concrete due to the cost of the material. This is especially true if a homeowner wants to seal any linear cracks/seal coat their driveway. The products to do this can be purchased at any hardware store.

7. Weather: In the Winter because asphalt is black by nature the dark surface draws heat from sunlight, it melts snow faster that concrete.

A Denver Asphalt Co Bradley Asphalt Services Include:

New Construction
Crack Sealing
Removal and Replacement
Seal Coating