Asphalt paving and driveways will benefit during the winter months if you regularly remove the snow build up. The shovel is asphalt’s best friend if used correctly. Removing the snow prevents water stagnation and buildup on the surface of the asphalt. Using a plow has to be done carefully so that preexisting potholes and cracks that haven’t been repaired ahead of winter are not damaged further.

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Keep in mind that de-icing fluid has a limited ability to prevent further ice from forming and is not a good option as it can be very harmful to animals, plants and the water table in general. Even though de-icing salts do not deteriorate, asphalt research shows that they do lead to increased salinity in our drinking water, lakes, rivers, and other waterways. There are non-toxic natural de-icers now available so do your homework and make a wiser choice for the safety of the environment.

Wrap up warm and be safe this winter!

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