It’s always easy to put off redoing the stripes and parking space holders on your asphalt paving.  If you are living in an area that has seasonal temperature fluctuations it is important to resurface your asphalt and redo the striping of your parking lot to keep the safety and aesthetics of the asphalt working well and looking good.

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Building owners tend to leave this task too late and this can cause accidents to occur with traffic as well as tire damage with potholes appearing. Good marking and striping which is clearly visible day or night, rain or shine are very important to keep traffic flowing safely and pedestrians walking in the safe zones. There is nothing more annoying than a lawsuit from someone who has been hurt in your parking lot.

Clear, concise markings for walkways, pedestrian crossings, and wheelchair parking allowances are one of the most important markings in your parking area. Good striping will prevent confusion between cars and people and keep a good clear flow of your arriving and departing traffic. These markings have to have very consistent sizing for cars and walkways so it’s always important to contact a reputable company like Bradley Asphalt to redo these surfaces and get the striping back up to near perfect.

There are also the benefits of adding value and curb appeal for your shop owners and tenants. This will convey a professional image to your customers and encourage them to use your services.

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