Thin lift asphalt overlay is a good option to repair and restore an asphalt paving and road surface that is not too damaged and just needs a facelift. Some types of thin lift asphalt are designed for rainwater runoff to drain through the asphalt, onto the lower aggregate and will drain away excess water.

To get an exact shelf life of these various thin lift asphalt depends largely on the initial damage to the existing surface.  If the surface has extensive damage and cracking to the asphalt paving or road surface, the thin lift asphalt could perhaps extend the life of your asphalt by a year or two.  If the surface is in need of a quick facelift then sealing with the thin lift asphalt could offer you up to 15 years of life.   One thing to take into account when you have a very uneven, potholed and cracked surface – a thin lift asphalt will probably restore the surface by about 50% smoothness. If the existing pavement or road is not 100 percent structurally sound, it’s still possible to lay a thin lift asphalt overlay if it can be brought to a structurally sound condition by localized repairs first.

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