Living in the Front Range, Denver, Colorado with snow and freezing temperatures every winter means that you should always be ready to do some preparation maintenance on your asphalt paving and driveways in the fall. Thinking and preparing ahead of time to protect your asphalt driveway, paving and parking lots will help with minimum damage and repair in the spring.

Snow removal is very necessary but the machinery can cause damage to asphalt if not done correctly.   The deicers and salt can also have some negative effects on the paving and the environment.

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  • Snow ploughs should be set ½ inch above the asphalt to prevent damage.   The city snow ploughs are usually correctly set for this purpose.  If you have any uneven surfaces on your asphalt driveway or parking lot then these raised areas will have some damage in the spring that will need repairing.
  • Professional companies will usually use a polyurethane cutting edge on the blades of their plow to lessen the impact it will have on your asphalt driveway.
  • Place a cone or marker on the corners of your curb to help snow ploughs avoid damaging the curb or property edge of your asphalt.
  • The biggest culprit of winter weather on asphalt surfaces is the constant freeze-thaw cycle.   When the temperature fluctuates it causes freezing and melting which contracts and retracts the asphalt surface.   When water freezes inside minute cracks it can expand the cracks, causing large potholes and even larger cracks. If this damage is visible please contact Bradley Asphalt and we will come out and take a look.

Winter may cause problems to many areas of your home but with a little care, your asphalt driveway shouldn’t be one of them.

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