Asphalt overlay is a good option to repair and restore an asphalt parking lot, road and driveways that is not too damaged and just needs a facelift. Asphalt can be offered in several different types to meet different specifications and can be good solution to correct certain surface deficiencies.

They can be good at sealing existing pavements, roads and interstates from external moisture and can restore a good skid resistance to an already too smooth surface of road. New asphalt tends to have a tighter finish and more appealing appearance due to the smaller aggregate used. This design holds several benefits for road users such as reducing wet weather spray, reducing nighttime glare and reducing the potential for hydroplaning. Some types of asphalt are designed for rainwater runoff to drain through the asphalt, onto the lower aggregate and will drain away excess water.

To get an exact shelf life of overlaying existing asphalt pavement  depends largely on the initial damage to the existing surface. If the surface has extensive damage and such as failed asphalt (potholes, crack alligated areas, low areas, etc.) they should be repaired prior to paving to stop/minimize any re-flecking cracking and drainage issues.

You might have to remove and replace or rotomill asphalt at the sidewalks, handicap ramps, curb with gutter and entryways prior to paving for elevation changes so there are no lips (bumps) at those areas which can cause drainage issues and tripping hazards.

You might have to completely rotomill the parking lot (remove a layer of asphalt pavement) before overlaying because the condition of the parking lot is bad, there are too many elevation problems causing drainage issues throughout the parking lot or the parking lot has been overlaid before.

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