We don’t ever take asphalt paving for granted. We walk on it, park on it, land our planes on it,

play sport on it and seal our roofing with it. Life is easier with a good asphalt surface!

The black sticky and highly viscous liquid also known as bitumen in many countries, is sourced in two ways -either from refining petroleum or natural deposits in the earth.  Aggregates made up of sand, stone and gravel are mixed with bitumen which holds it all together.

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NEW ASPHALT CONSTRUCTION – Asphalt paving offers one of the most durable and sustainable hard-wearing surfaces but all asphalt will need maintenance and proper care to keep it in tip top shape.  Fluctuating temperatures, heavy traffic, moisture levels will all affect the asphalt surface as well as oil, grease, transmission fluids and salt spills. Keeping your asphalt surface free from these fluids will help.

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