Ice and snow can have extremely damaging effects on your asphalt driveway and parking lot.Maintaining your asphalt is the best way to prevent the need for re-paving it.

To help prevent a dull and cracked asphalt appearing in the spring, here are steps to take throughout the winter months.

1.   Avoid using salt

Salt is good for melting snow quickly but it’s highly corrosive and will damage your asphalt driveway. Wherever possible avoid using salt. Use sand, kitty litter or  potassium chloride to melt the snow and improve traction.

2.    Don’t use a metal shovel and make sure your snow plow blades don’t hit the asphalt

A metal shovel with a pointed tip can damage your driveway. Rather use a rubber-bladed shovel. If you’re plowing your driveway or use someone to do the job for you, check that the blade height is set properly and you avoid accidentally hitting the asphalt with sharp snow plow blades.

3.    Make sure that your driveway has proper drainage

Standing water will badly damage your driveway. It forms depressions in the asphalt which in turn create cracks and potholes through which water seeps into the substrate beneath the surface. A damaged substrate will eventually require a driveway resurface.

To avoid damage, make sure your driveway has proper drainage. Remove snow build wherever possible and remove all debris along the perimeter to allow runoff.

4.   Point your gutter spouts away from your driveway

Melting snow allowed to flow onto your driveway can freeze. It will be a safety hazard and will damage your driveway.

These asphalt maintenance tips will help to make sure that your asphalt driveway and parking lot are in good shape during winter. Many additional services such as crack sealing and seal coating need to be handled by professionals. Call us to help you protect and maintain your driveway. 

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